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Why choose car from caradwiser.com

When you choose a car from our caradwiser.com you will save money and time for choosing your car. We treat our customers as we expect to be treated ourselves.

We live on our reputation

Choosing a vehicle never be easy .Once we have decided on the make, model, color and your budget, job is half done by you and from there on Car Adwiser takes on the job. There for you have the comfort of choosing your car easily. But when you’re travelling through ads and visiting dealers it can be fun but it can be a very time consuming jobs. By using our service (caradwiser.com) you will get exactly the vehicle you want (as per the inputs provides by you in the required forms). We work for you, on your behalf, and no one else but you.

Our reputation is solid, one of being fair, authentic and credible. It has been built over years of doing the right things. We know what it is like to be on the purchaser’s end. We treat every customer as we would expect we treated ourselves and go the extra mile to ensure full satisfaction to you. We also maintain our reputation by employing only the best professionals in the automobile industry.

In short if you’re looking for a car of your choice welcome to caradwiser.com. We let our actions do that talking. Ask yourself the question: Why keep going back to the same dealers and advertisement again and again? Not only do we do what we say we can, but we also care about doing it right again and again. We don’t have new customers but new friends.

How do we do it?

We have a team of highly knowledge people who have the expertise and contacts not only to choose the vehicle of your choice. But also to convince you without any confusions.

Our team is able to advice on the best models of your choice. For that we ask you to fill up the important requisites provided from us by remitting there prescribed fee as per the budget of your car.

Our fees

No one does anything for nothing and it is true we earn our profit as per the tariff chart provides below.

1 Cars having 5 lakhs and below Rs.500/-
2 Cars having 10 lakhs and below Rs.1000/-
3 Cars having 15 lakhs and below Rs.1500/-
4 Cars having 20 lakhs and below Rs.2000/-
5 Cars having 25 lakhs and below Rs.2500/-
6 Cars having 30 lakhs and below Rs.3000/-
7 Cars having 35 lakhs and below Rs.3500/-
8 Cars having 40 lakhs and below Rs.4000/-
9 Cars having 45 lakhs and below Rs.4500/-
10 Cars having 50 lakhs and below Rs.5000/-
11 Cars having 51 lakhs and above Rs.25000/-

Getting started

Get set on the net and browse on to www.caradwiser.com and type about you and your car needs, as it is always be chargeable with initial commitments.
Send your DD /Cheque

To Davies j Chirammel
Savings account No: Vijaya Bank, 1st Floor, Thiruvambady Devaswom Building Road, West Thrissur-1

Acc No: 203801011000430    
IFSC Code: VIJB0002038

(The payment should be done after the initial registration and you will be provided with a unique Id. Advice will be completed within 10 days from the date of receipt of the payment.)